Does SEO Really Work? You Betcha!

I have been in the adult industry for nearly 20 years, and during that time I’ve worked as a content creator, an erotic fetish photographer, a web designer and eCommerce store builder for sex toy retailers and brands. Marketing-wise, I have also worked as a social media marketer, email marketer, sales marketer and SEO marketing consultant.

So, when it comes to being seen on the internet, marketing your brand and bringing qualified traffic to your site, I’ve pretty well seen it all. In the adult industry, specifically for sexual wellness brands, that are not quite “adult/porn”, but still not accepted by mainstream either (almost!), it is super fucking hard to find ways to market that actually pay off.

Problem is, everyone wants a quick fix, (sort of like a sexual climax!) so they spend 1000s of dollars on pay per click and other similar types of advertising each month without much return on their investment.

SEO on the other hand is like a slow romance that builds excitement over time, and instead of a quickie, leads to a long, drawn-out extended full body orgasm (Yes, please!) which, like extended orgasms, many people don’t want to wait to see the results (or does it even work?).

Yes! SEO Really Works!

So, I’m here to tell you, YES! SEO really works.

However, you need to find a qualified (smart, savvy & sexy!) SEO marketing consultant who not only knows SEO and has super-fucking-fantastic spidey senses to choose which key words are going to trend and give you the most traffic, but also someone who can build a strategy over time, write compelling key word rich articles that speak to your ideal client as well as trend in Google, and knows the sexual wellness industry and their niches inside and out.

How Do I Know That SEO Works?

First, I have been doing this for a long time, and I have experimented to find out what really works. Second, I have a few case studies for you with real clients with whom I have worked with as proof.

  1. Case Study #1: I recently wrote an article on a “low hanging fruit” long-tail key word phrase for a client. In just over two months, the article started trending reaching page 1 on Google in position #5 (and quickly climbing!) and the site went from 12k impressions per month to 121K impressions in just one day. Not only that but over 600 variations on that key word phrase were also trending on Google on the front page as well. So, not only is the site trending for the main key word phrase, but also for over 600+ other key word variations.

So, how did I do that? First, I picked a key word phrase that was getting decent amount of traffic (not huge, but okay), but had very little competition (like below 5 out of 100). Then, I downloaded a spreadsheet of all variants of the key word phrase and picked the top 20-30 to add to my article as headings. Then I created a “guide-type” article on the main key word phrase, adding with it all of my chosen variants. Two months later… Bang! I huge spike in SERPs for my client’s site and the article goes viral. And, if you think that is a one-off, its not, as I have several more SEO articles that I have written for this client over the past 3 months that are also starting to trend in google and come up in the SERPs.


  1. Case Study #2: Another client with whom I’ve been working with for several years hired me to write SEO articles for their site. They sell around 50 different products, so I wrote an SEO article for each product, and several SEO articles each for their main high selling 3 products. This took me about a year to write over 100 articles with over 50 different variations on their key word phrases.

Slowly, during the first year, their pages started coming up on the front page of Google for their key word phrases. Within a year, they had over 30 pages on the front page of Google, many in the #1 position for their key word phrases. 3 years later most of those key words are still in top positions, and we only have to upkeep those first articles I wrote every once in a while, to make them fresh, plus add more key word phrases and articles to trend for, so they can continue to keep trending for new key words withing their niche.

Bottom Line: Does SEO Really Work?

Yes, SEO works very well if you know what you are doing and if you are patient and consistent. Oh, and BTW, this worked not only to get this client’s site to the top of the SERPs for their key word, but has also translated into $1000s of dollars more in sales each month and growing. So, while it does work to bring the traffic to the site, that traffic also converts into sales, if your articles are written not only for SEO, but also to appeal to your ideal clients and take them on the buyer’s journey (which is another whole article, “What is the Buyer’s Journey and How to Write for Your Ideal Client to Convert to Sales”).

So, what is your marketing strategy? Still paying for pay per click and barely breaking even?

What to try a marketing strategy that actually works and also gives you a ROI?

Contact me to set up your FREE Strategy Session to see if we are a match and what I may be able to do for you. (Email me  Domina @ S3xperteaze <>!

Who I Work With

Please note, I don’t take on every client I meet (I’m choosy and you should be too!), and I will be honest and upfront with you right away if I think I can help you, your brand, products/services and niche. If anything, you will come away with a free evaluation of your Biz with recommended steps I think you should take to make it a success.

PS: I work with sexual wellness brands only, not porn sites. Niches I work with include: Sex toy retailers, manufacturers and brands. Erotic artists, writers, audio creators, video creators. Sex experts, sex coaches, sex writers, Tantric practitioners, sexologists, relationship experts. Dating sites, sex e zines and blogs, sexual health and wellness sites, and sexual education sites. eCommerce stores, course creators, blogs, membership sites and more. Erotic dancers, burlesque performers, Drag Queens & Kings, sex workers,

Brands I have worked with in the past include: Penthouse, Lelo, LoveHoney,, Dr. Ava Cadell,, Topco Toys,,,, Global Novelties, XRbrands, Eldorado Trading Company, Williams Trading, TickleLife,, Cloud 9 Novelties, Honey’s Place and many more.

Contact me now 😉 Domina @ S3xperteaze <>!

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